Interview etiquette


Interview etiquette

For Japanese culture, good manner is the only to communicate. Interviewer highly appreciates the politeness of interviewee. Not only it shows the professionalism but also the characteristic of the interviewee. Objective of interview is for candidates to express themselves beyond what is written in their resume and make the best first impression.

Before Interview

  • Dress properly in formal business suite
  • Arrive at the interview location 30 minutes prior the appointment time
  • Avoid talking with other people while waiting for the interview
  • Turn off you mobile phone
  • Take a notebook with you to interview
  • Do not bring friend or family to the interview
  • Do not be late to the interview. If in case of emergency, please contact the company in advance
  • Do not wear slippers

During Interview
  • Greet the interviewer by standing up and bow or Wai
  • Present business card by using two hands, also receiving business card with two hands
  • Make eye contact while talking with interviewer
  • Speaking loud and clear
  • Answering questions with pertinent responses
  • Before finish interview you can show your interest in the company by ask question about the company

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